About Us

Toles Construction Company, Inc. is based in Montgomery, Alabama.

We custom build to owners' specifications while exceeding expectations. We pride ourselves in a job well done. The quality of our work has always been our advertising. This website is intended to inform and enhance the knowledge of potential customers.

Mr. Johnny Toles founded the company in 1957. After receiving an honorable discharge from the military, he started his business with residential remodeling and additions near his childhood home in Grady, Alabama.

Mr. Toles' wisdom, ethics, skills and knowledge still thrives today and is reflected in the great reputation and success of the Company.

Michael Toles, Sr. is continuing to lead the Company with the experience, aptitude and professional attitude passed on to him by his father. Although the Company now offers only new construction, we will continue to promote our business with the same integrity that encourages our customers to highly recommend our services.

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